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The Epicentre of Marine Biodiversity
According to the scientists who is found 52 new species in Indonesia recently, that the Bird's Head peninsula at the western end of New Guinea Island is the epicentre of marine biodiversity.

"Traditional Jamu" photo from
JAMU-Secret to better health
For the treatment of mild complaints and sometimes quite serious ailments, most Javanese and Madurese will swear on the virtues of Jamu, a traditonal herbal concoctions. Hundreds of different Jamu remedies have nearly the solution to all kinds of illnesses.

For the Javanese, beautiful hand-painted batiks are not merely pieces of clothes but carry much more significance that symbolises life itself. Different regions have their own unique style; Pekalongan with its Chinese influence design and pastel color; Batik made in Solo and Yogya are traditionally coloured blue-symbolizing earth-, brown "symbolizing fire- and white "symbolizing water and air-.

Land of Thousand FO's
Bandung has thousands of textile shops. The factory outlets are shops that sell numerous well-known brands with low price. Nowadays, factory outles have become main attraction for shopping goers in Bandung.

Wayang Golek
Though wayang golek is found in Central Java, it is more prevalent in West Java, blending entertainment with religious and philosophical overtones. Like wayang Wit, most plots of wayang golek are loosely based on the Indian Ramayana epos; only very few use stories of local origin

Sundanese Culture
Like Javanese, it features an intricate system of levels to indicate degrees of respect and formality. Likewise, through there are considerable differences between Sundanese and Javanese culture, they touch with respect to forms of literature, gamelan music, dance, and wayang (puppet play). Less influenced by the strong mysticism which characterizes the Kejawen culture of Central Java, the Sundanese are more strictly Islamic.

Kuda Renggong
Kuda Renggong Art look like Singa Depok from Kabupaten Sumedang at the performance side. The same way with Singa Depok Art, Kuda Renggong Art usually do for celebrate circumcision celebration. The bride (in several places at West Java, the child who will be circumcise called circumcise bride) was making up in Wayang dress or Sunda Takwa dress and then rides a horse as similar as a king. Thus horse previously dressed because it will become a king rides.

Richness of food
As the capital city of West Java Province, explore more than 560 restaurants in Bandung. Traditional to modern culinary could be found easily. From the richness variety of food, makes Bandung acclaimed as the food heaven.

Simple Bahasa Indonesia
The following basics might prove useful during your time in indonesia and could help you make some new friends.

The best diving in the world
With an average 200ft and an outstanding display of marine habitat, Flores is a haven for divers, snorkelers, photographers and marine biologist. With up to 40 m visibility, the coral reefs of Flores Sea are among the best in the world and beautifully preserved.

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